I’m Back!


It’s been a while, since I’ve been here writing a post. 

Many things have been going on this last year.  No excuses just life and getting busy with life and every beautiful adventure it has to offer. I admit, my coaching business and blog got put on the back burner while I took a long sabbatical.  But now I’m back and will be posting different articles once a month.  

I’m having my website (www.harmonicsuccesscoaching.com) re-vitalized so it is currently off line for a bit, while my amazing website designer puts the final touches on it.

I promise you that there will be bigger and better tools, tips and bonuses available to you throughout the coming year to guide you in your journey. 

Looking forward to being able to help you on your path, whatever one you chose to take.

Sending light your way from my heart.

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Ruin is a Gift!

When recently watching the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” I was struck by one of the lines
“Ruin is a gift, Ruin is a road to transformation”. All week long it seems that the universe was sending me messages.

I saw several shows where people had completely overcome some extreme obstacles to transform themselves to who they had become, but it wasn’t until I saw this movie that I suddenly got the message.

This was a wake up call for me, because here I was wallowing in some self pity about recent circumstances. It was what I needed to hear in order to realize that I was in the place where self transformation was about to happen….again!

Knowing that the Law of Attraction works on what we focus on I realized that what I was focusing on was what I did not want. Even though I have learned this and have taught others this invaluable piece of information I had to hear it in a movie for it to hit me over the head to wake me up to what I was doing.

Isn’t it interesting that when things are going well everything is focusing on what we want. We have more gratitude of what we have to attract more of what we want.
When things go wrong or badly we revert back to our old habits. These habits are die hard habits. They are what is or was comfortable in our old life. They do us absolutely NO good in our new life and what we are intending to create for ourselves.

So how do we change these OLD habits? We replace them with new habits. Habits that are going to sustain us through the tough times. Habits that support our new way of being and bring us to the place of calmness, serenity and strength.

Here are some habits I found to be absolutely wonderful in bringing more into my life.

1. Meditation – every day for at least 15 min. In the morning upon waking and just before going to sleep work best
2. Journalizing – Writing the positive aspects of your life every day. Pick 5 things you are grateful for each and every day and write them down.
3. Vision Board or VIsion Book – Create a visual of all the things you would like to have in your life. Use words and pictures to create something that you can look at each day to feel how wonderful it would be to have those things manifest in your life.

I promise you that if you implement these 3 habits into your life today for the next year, your life is going to be much better than it is right now.
You owe it to yourself to change your life, because no one else can!

So what are you waiting for?

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Create the Life you Desire!

Do you want to have a happier more fulfilling life? Do you want to have loving harmonious relationships? Do you want to be healthier and happier? Maybe you are not even sure what it is you want in your life, you just know that this isn’t it!
If you are like most people you go through your daily routine but you don’t know how to create the life you want! Then this event is for you!
Learn how to use the Law of Attraction (the Secret) to help you create the Life you Desire! I will give you special tools and processes that you can use for your journey.
There will be guided visualizations and meditation each week.

Beginning on Wed. May 18th @ 8:00 p.m. (CST) I will be hosting 8 weeks of group coaching.

You will have the opportunity to connect and ask questions, share your experience and learn the tools you need to move you to the next level of your life.

Deadline for registration is THIS FRIDAY, MAY 13th.
Cost is only $200.00 for the entire 8 week program and includes worksheets and guided/recorded meditations and a recording of each week so you can listen and re-listen to it again and again! You will also receive a special journal for you to use during your journey.

This registration cost is less than a cup of coffee a day~
Which would change your life, a coffee or the program???

Register now!!! (Scroll down if link doesn’t open)

Once you register you will receive an invoice for payment. Payments are accepted by all methods, cash, cheque or credit card.

REGISTRATION “Create the Life you Desire”
8 Week Teleseminar/Workshop series

Contact Information for registration purposes.


Phone numbers:
**note** this is only in the event an emergency arises and I need to contact you.




Calls will be recorded for educational purposes, and to provide recording to all those registered for this series.

With this notice I hereby grant my permission to record the call
for playback purpose for all attendees

Date: _________________________________

Client Name: ___________________________

Client Signature: _________________________

E-mail completed form to:

Marnie Houston

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Authenticity – Author of your life, your soul, yourself

I absolutely love when I’m watching a program or reading a book and I have a light bulb moment. That happens to me quite often. Tonight was another one of those moments.
I’m watching Oprah (my favorite show) and on it is a hollywood director, Tom Shadyac who gave up his former life to be more authentic. When I first heard the topic for the program I thought…yeah right, some kind of publicity gimmick for his documentary “I am”. But the minute he started talking about his journey I knew it was for real.

I long time ago I heard a quote that I love and lived by. It got me through some real tough times in life. The quote was “If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you”.

Tom talks about this same concept in his movie and during the interview. Basically he believes that if you live your life authentically, being “true” to yourself you will have a good life. But if you live a non-authentic life where you are trying to live by someone else’s expectations, rules or conformity then it is like a cancer and will keep growing inside of you getting larger and larger until it consumes your whole soul and kills your authentic self.

Another concept that is talked about in this movie is that we are all connected. We are all human beings in this world and we all have a community need inherently. We do not need to be competitive in this world, although some successful people might think otherwise. If we look at nature, we see that all animals are communal. Geese fly together, penguins huddle together in the Antarctica, fish swim together in schools in the ocean. This tells us that we are all meant to be together in a community and to help one another.

Dala Lama says to use critical thinking followed by action. To be more authentic to yourself, ask yourself these questions “Who am I” and “What can I do to help others”.
You may already know the answer to these questions or you may not. The important thing is to ask yourself the questions and then let the answers come from within. That place deep inside of you in the seat of your soul.

Meditation can help you get the answer(s) you need.

Spend 15 minutes a day meditating. It is a great way to get enlightenment and to get the answers you need to live a more authentic life.

For more tips on meditating you can check out this information on my previous blog.

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Expecting the Unexpected or Waiting for the other shoe to drop

If you are like millions of people in North America right now, you are glued to the television on Thursday night watching the results of American Idol. 
Like millions of others I was absolutely shocked with the cut tonight. Even Randy & Jennifer couldn’t hold back the tears. Life if full of surprises and shocks isn’t it?

Yet most of us continue to expect the unexpected. We tell ourselves things so that we don’t get our hopes up or so we won’t be disappointed. We just wait for something to go wrong or for the other shoe to drop. I even found myself recently preparing for the worse of something and making a mountain out of a mole hill over absolutely the tiniest thing.

We all do it to some degree. The degree we do to is dependent on our learned behavior, based on past experience. We go back in our past and grab a similar experience or feeling from our past and drag it into our present moment and project that into the future.

To give you visual of what I’m describing, envision an infinity sign (lying down 8).

Think of the left side (loop) of this infinity sign representing your past.
The right side (loop) of this sign represents your future.
The intersecting part where the two lines cross represent your “NOW” or your present moment.

When something happens in the now (your present moment) your brain immediately goes back to the past and looks for a similar thought, feeling or experience and brings that forward to your present moment so you feel the same feelings, thoughts or experience the same emotions you did as in the past. From your present moment, the experience is projected into your future so you know how to handle the thoughts, feelings or experience and project them in the minutes, hours, days, weeks ahead that you “expect” to have happen based on your past experience. Your mind continually keeps going from the present, to the past, grabs that experience brings it into your present projects it into your future and back and forth it circles that infinity every waking moment you are thinking, feeling, experiencing. Over and over again and again and again.

This is how the human brain is wired. This is how we all learn. We all do it unconsciously. There is no way around it. There is no way to change how our brain works.

But the good news is that the present moment is exactly that – a moment, a second, a mili-second then it is gone. It is no longer the present but now the future.

By being consciously aware of how our brain works and knowing that we are basing our current feelings, thoughts and emotions on a past experience we can change how we respond to our current situation. Thereby projecting it into our future differently.
When we project our feelings, thoughts and emotions into our future differently we can change the outcome of our future.

Remember the saying “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the what you’ve got. To get a different outcome you have to do something different”.

Now you are consciously aware of how your brain is wired. You are aware of how you base your current thoughts, feelings and emotions. So now all you have to do to change your current thoughts in this second to create a different future.

Ready for the rest of your life?

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Words – The power they hold

We all know how powerful words can be. Think of the words in the Constitution or any other powerful document or book. Words can heal or they can hurt everyone. No one is immune from them.

Yet the words we tell ourselves are often the most harmful.

I recently read that when we grow up we model our relationship with our adult self- positive or negative what we got from our parents. Doesn’t that explain it all? I thought so!

Like many people there were times in my past where I had caught myself putting myself down because I thought I wasn’t as good as someone else. Or feeling a certain way when I told myself there were others who were worse off than me. Or when I would second guess my decisions or my feelings or both!

We all tell ourselves negative things all the time don’t we? Sometimes we do it so often that we don’t even know we are doing it. We think we are saying positive things like “I want to feel less lonely” we are actually helping ourselves to feel less lonely. Wait a minute….didn’t I just say “feel lonely”? Because that is what the universe picks up as your vibration. That is exactly the message you are sending out there. No wonder everyone leaves you alone and you feel lonely. What you really want to say is “I want to be surrounded by loving, caring people who have my best interest at heart”. That is a much more positive vibration.

Read those 2 sentences again and connect to your feelings and tell me which one leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. When you are thinking thoughts about yourself and your life you want to have that warm and fuzzy feeling from the message you are giving yourself. Then you know when you send it out to the universe it’s going to feel good. You are sending out good vibrations, not bad ones.

Someone I know had a string of bad events happen over the course of a week. When I asked her about it she couldn’t understand how these things happened when she just recently completed an exercise I gave her to write down all the things she wanted to have in all areas of her life. The answer is simple. Because for the last several months if not year(s) she was sending out all the negative vibrations of everything she “didn’t” want.

Sometimes the universe takes it’s time to deliver to you what you want. Sometimes you will start to see things instantaneously (like a lottery winning). Seriously though, you will start to notice little differences immediately in your life once you identify what you want by using the “right words” to send the “right vibrations”.

It’s not just a matter of using the right words you must master a new way to “think” so that you can master a new way to “be”.
This is not just positive thinking, it is positive “be-ing”. If I can change from a pessimist to an optimist, so can you.

SO give yourself the love, attention and nurturing you never had as a child and become who you are truly meant to be. With love and light to you today, tomorrow and forever.

If you are want help getting started in using the right words here is an exercise to help you out. (Which Thought Feels Better – Abraham-Hicks)

Our feelings are indicators of our thoughts and beliefs are in alignment with what we desire. What a wonderful guidance system to work with. This exercise uses our emotions to shift our thoughts. The goal is to choose thoughts that feel better.

Every subject is really 2 subjects – desire and the lack of what you want.
You need to consciously identify the vibrational frequency of the thought. If is a negative feeling you are focusing on the lack of (blocking). If it is a positive feeling you are focusing on the desire (allowing).

Write a brief statement of something negative that occurred recently. Describe what happened and how you felt.

Write your allowing statement that amplifies exactly how you would have liked it to happen.
Keep these thoughts flowing. Now go back and identify the feeling(s) associated with each of those statements (same, slightly better etc.).

It is important to leave everyone else’s ideas, desire, opinions and beliefs aside while you identify for yourself how YOU feel!

Example 1:
Initial thought – I have to lose 20 lbs.
Allowing Thought – I am looking forward to having my ideal body and being a perfect weight

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Lose the weight and keep it off!

by Marnie Houston
Founder of Harmonic Success Coaching

Like many of you I have been struggling to lose weight for years. And like many of you I’ve gained it back and then some.

I’ve noticed more than ever the large number of people of all ages walking around who are clinically obese. I’m not talking about 20-30 or even 40 lbs overweight. I’m talking about people who are over 50 lbs or more overweight. Even small children (under 5) are growing in size. We are people who are trying to stuff our feelings with food. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that we are continuing to do this even in light of what it is doing to our health and the health of loved ones.

During my sabbatical from regular life, I’ve vowed to jump-start my own weight loss program.

I have to wonder if there really is a secret to losing weight. Diet pills, pre-packaged food, calorie counting, exercising to the extreme. I’ve done it all, and some of it very recently. But the weight is just not coming off. Or if it is, it’s right back on in a few days. Really, what is all of this about?

I find myself so caught up in watching everything I put in my mouth, and so focused on NOT gaining more weight or on NOT losing enough weight.

I had a light bulb moment recently while reading the book “A course in weight loss – 21 spiritual lessons to surrendering your weight forever” by Marianne Williamson, when I realized I was focusing on what I did not want.

We all know that by focusing on what I did not want, that is EXACTLY what I was sending out to the universe. OMG….why did I not see this before now?

I know the Law of Attraction. I know how it works. I’ve studied course after course of this stuff and still I trip up.

Aside from finishing Marianne’s book I thought to myself, what else can I do to change my way of thinking, thereby changing my focus and changing what I’m sending out to the universe?

For starters, I’m going to write a list of 10 things I’m going to focus on that I do want:
1. Better overall health
2. A slender healthy body
3. More energy for myself so I can do things I enjoy; like playing with my grandchildren
4. Better eating habits
5. How much I have lost
6. How I am committed to a healthier lifestyle
7. A new smaller dress size
8. How I would look and feel in my new body
9. Seeing myself 1 year down the road at my goal weight
10. Seeing myself 20 years down the road healthy and dancing at my grand-daughter Katie’s wedding with my husband, and my son.

By writing out 10 things you want, you too can shift your focus from LOSING weight to 
GAINING other things. When you shift your focus to what you want, you will shift your struggle with weight loss.

To help you remember to shift your focus, wearing an elastic band around your wrist helps you. Each time you catch yourself focusing on what you don’t want or negative self talk, snap the elastic and replace your thought with something you do want or a positive thought. This will help you keep your focus on what you DO WANT!

If you want to join me on this weight loss journey, e-mail me at
harmonicsuccess@shaw.ca and let me know. I will personally e-mail you on a regular basis to help you on your journey too.

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